Be Inspired, Do Inspire!

The value of what we learn multiplies when we share them with others.

I started my first business 5 years ago and was able to raise a bit more than $1million in VC funding. It was a technology driven last mile logistics services provider for e-commerce businesses. We started with 4 employees (drivers) and grew to 200+ employees in 5 years.

I was forced to shut down my business in late 2020 after taking a massive cashflow hit due to COVID lockdowns and many other reasons, and it became a great learning experience. However, the entrepreneur inside me never died and got even more inspired when I realized that it was a great learning experience, not a failure.

So I write to share what I learned, hoping that you can avoid the mistakes I made.

You realize what is important by knowing what to give up

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Give up procrastination

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today ~Abraham Lincoln

The most important things are not urgent but accounts to more than 80% of our goals. If we do not keep working on them daily to make progress, they become urgent soon.

Once they become urgent, we…

Knowing your purpose is easy, living up to it daily, is not!

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

In a previous article, I discussed about vision to be the single biggest reason why start-ups succeed.

I strongly believe in this, not because it’s a highly discussed topic but because there are plenty of real life examples of great companies and individuals who started with a vision, pursued a…

Thilina Fonseka

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