Why I do What I Do

I started my first business 5 years ago and was able to raise a bit more than $1million in VC funding. It was a technology driven last mile logistics services provider for e-commerce businesses. We started with 4 employees (drivers) and grew to 200+ employees in 5 years.

I was forced to shut down my business in late 2020 after taking a massive cashflow hit due to COVID lockdowns and many other reasons, and it became a great learning experience. However, the entrepreneur inside me never died and got even more inspired when I realized that it was a great learning experience, not a failure.

So I write to share what I learned, hoping that you can avoid the mistakes I made.




Be Inspired, Do Inspire!

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Thilina Fonseka

Thilina Fonseka

Be Inspired, Do Inspire!

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